Experimental assessment of combining geothermal with conventional air conditioner regarding energy consumption in summer and winter

Hazim Najim Al-Deen, Ahmed Al-Samari
2021 Diyala Journal of Engineering Sciences  
The objectives of this study is to evaluate the use of geothermal energy combined with conventional air-conditioner (A/C) and its contribution to reducing dependence on electrical energy. Assessment of geothermal sources in Diyala governorate. This experiment includes installing a combined system in the test room. The indoor and outdoor temperatures and relative humidity were calculated, as well as the calculation of borehole temperature, in addition to the energy efficiency ratio (EER) and
more » ... ficient of performance (COP) of the systems. The amount of electricity consumption in kWh was calculated. The most important findings in this experiment are: (1) The temperature of the well at a depth of (6m) is almost constant throughout the year, about 24. (2) Using the geothermal system alone in the test-room reduces the average indoor temperature by 8 within one day. (3) Iraq can benefit from the important geothermal energy and its sources, however, its use is still very limited and limited to scientific research only. (4) The experiment proved that the EER and COP of the geothermal system, the combined system and the window-type air-conditioner are 18.9, 9.8, 9.4, 5.54, 1.9 and 1.52 respectively.
doi:10.24237/djes.2021.14308 fatcat:jq62oaz46bctrpuprdm3mdqeau