Application of phase-controlled reservoir prediction technology in NB oilfield of Bohai bay

J Wang, M Tan, L Xia, T Han
2014 Advances in Petroleum Exploration and Development   unpublished
The shallow oil and gas fields of the Bohai Sea are dominated by fluvial deposition, large lateral variations of the reservoir, and a complex oil-water relationship. Horizontal wells must be deployed within the high quality reservoirs with good physical properties and high permeability so as to improve the productivity of the oil wells. Therefore, the reliability of reservoir prediction becomes extremely important. In this paper, on the basis of analyzing the petrophysical characteristics and
more » ... ismic response characteristics of the reservoir, we proposed the phase-controlled reservoir prediction technology, which combines reservoir prediction and reservoir cause; studied the distribution law of the high quality reservoirs of the NB Oilfield by using phase-controlled reservoir prediction technology; deployed and drilled the development wells on this basis, and obtained good results.