Evaluation of Polymer Matrix Composite Waste Recycling Methods

Ieva Delvere, Marija Iltina, Maxat Shanbayev, Aray Abildayeva, Svetlana Kuzhamberdieva, Dagnija Blumberga
2019 Environmental and Climate Technologies  
Polymer-based matrix composite materials are in high demand in many different fields: aeronautics, pressure vessel manufacturing, wind turbine blade manufacturing, and others. Due to the great mechanical properties of fiber reinforced plastics, it is a desirable material for various applications, but at the same time its heterogenic structure makes the composite waste hard to recycle. This paper focuses on different fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) waste recycling methods and their comparison by
more » ... carrying out literature review and using multi-criteria decision making analysis (MCDA). Four polymer matrix composite waste recycling methods are compared to calculate which one has the best sustainability performance based on the chosen criteria. Analytical Hierarchy Process and TOPSIS are applied for criteria weighing and method comparison. Sensitivity analysis is used to evaluate the obtained results. It is concluded that more studies concerning different FRP waste recycling method sustainability performance need to be done, to derive more data, that would make MCDA more reliable and also other FRP waste recycling methods could be compared. Another conclusion is that different methods have different strengths which makes it hard to compare them. While FRP waste recycling is getting more broadly used, there still is a lot of work to establish wide spread effective system of FRP waste recycling that is both economically viable and gives the best results concerning recycled material quality.
doi:10.2478/rtuect-2019-0012 fatcat:zkqfoukjsfdgtn5in5te5qwmfm