Lifestyle interventions for weight loss in children and adolescents with severe obesity: a meta analysis [report]

Yurong Kang, Min Li, Lujie Liu, Yusheng Liu, Jing Zhou, Chunyan Ying
2020 unpublished
Condition being studied: The number of severely obese children is increasing markedly. Severe obesity is associated with complications such as type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and c e r t a i n t y p e s o f c a n c e r. L i f e s t y l e interventions include diet, exercise, behavior, and other comprehensive interventions. For children and adolescents with simple severe obesity, firstly, they through changing their diet and physical activities and behaviors loss weight.
doi:10.37766/inplasy2020.8.0088 fatcat:xoiv26uhbzes3fvpbvtrguvnjq