1902 Reports of Patent Design and Trade Mark Cases  
5 Trade n.arnes, -Trade name attached [.0 premises. --" CfastleBreu'ery, " Ed£nburgh." -k~ufficient dist.inction, --.Secondaro] 'lrl.ean:ing. -P'robabil£t.H of deccpt£on'--'L4.bsence of deceit 01' fl"a:ud.-Inte-rdict r elu-sed. l 1he Com-plainers, 111essrs, Cooper and~I'Leod, after 18/75, uilien. th.eir business teas establielied, carried. on the business of brcurer s and. tnalt-st.ers at ih.e "Uastle 10 "IJrelvery, Ellinb'urgh." l 11 h e y ueuer 'Used '" Castle Breiocru " d'issooia.t,ed [roui
more » ... issooia.t,ed [roui th.eir firm: na.nie, Un. the 29th of 111arch l[}OO t:he lle,sponde'nts, illessrs. G. and J,~Iaelaehlan, ouc of uih.oni started. busi-n.ess a.s a ioh.ol esal.e and retail spi'I',z.tnl.l?/'chclillt at. Gooan: in 187 J2 i.n. preniiscs ioluch. he thẽ '()astle llal~Zt,s," o-penci] a breuJcry at: Dlld(lingston, near 11Jdinburgh, ichich. 15 thelJ 'called,~'Gfastle Brelvcry, l~'d:it/;b'llrlfh," aaul icluch. they later designat,cd "ilfa,(·Zachlans' Castle B reuiero], Ediinb'lll'lfh," atul. sotnet.iuu:s "jJJaclachlan."' "Ca,stle Hreuicri), Dudd.'/~ng:ojtDn, IIJdrinbu,rgh." l 1 h eH had hlul a'" Castle "Bretvcry" at J[aryhl~ll, Glasgo1l', since 1888, arul. had not 'unfrcq'ucntly there not. u.set] th eir ouvn. n.atne on ih.eir culaieriisemcnt:s aaul. labels but t.rust.ed. 20 to "<Castle Beer." In an, action of «uspeneion. aoul. in,terdi,ct i.t uias held that liotli pas-ties hall the ri.qht to use "Gf'astle B-re'lvery" t.n. tlie sale of beer ; that: tlicre ioas no proof that' the l<esZJondents' beer had been 1/l';S tall.C'Ji fop the Coniplain crs' or thaI. the Co m pl aincrs' i.nulc had bcen';nf',cl'feredlcitlt by the Resp'Ond;ent.s)" that there teas no ground for apprehendingtha.t-the public 25 would bC1n£sled or ·the Com.plainers -inj-uTed by the Respondents had done; and th at. t-herc 1()aS iJ10 probability of co n j-u.sion. betlvecn the Trade ill arks of the parties.
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