Acknowledgments [chapter]

2001 Prehistory of the Rustler Hills  
Every archaeological excavation and the final written report are dependent upon the support and assistance of a great number of people. First, I would like to thank Mr. Frank Granado of Pecos, Texas, who in 1976 discovered Granado Cave and graciously allowed me to borrow the artifacts he had removed so that they could be analyzed. I would also like to thank the late Mr. Shelby Brooks, an old-time rancher who became very interested in the cave, which is located on his property, and who gave me
more » ... e permission to conduct the excavations, just as he gave A. T. Jackson permission to excavate Brooks Cave some 47 years earlier. Special thanks also to Mr. Charles E. Locke, who in November 1976 accompanied me to the site and then served as a crew member in the formal excavations in June 1978. Other members of the crew included Ray Kenmotsu, Michael Mallouf, and Margaret L. Kluge. Even with the best field crew and support of the landowner, archaeological excavations are made possible only through funding. The Granado Cave excavations were made possible by a matching grant-in-aid from the Texas Historical Commission. The Texas Historical Foundation provided a grant to analyze the recovered material. Mr. J. O. Hayhurst provided additional funds. I also acknowledge the help of Mr. Curtis Tunnell, the State Archaeologist at the time of the excavations and formerly the Executive Director of the Texas Historical Commission, and Mr. Truitt Latimer, another former Executive Director of the Texas Historical Commission. Both were indispensable in securing funds and the state permit. The Granado Cave excavations, undertaken between 13 and 24 June 1978, were conducted under Texas Antiquities Permit Number 177.
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