Diamond at 800 GPa

D. K. Bradley, J. H. Eggert, R. F. Smith, S. T. Prisbrey, D. G. Hicks, D. G. Braun, J. Biener, A. V. Hamza, R. E. Rudd, G. W. Collins
2009 Physical Review Letters  
A new compression technique, which enables the study of solids into the TPa regime, is described and used to ramp (or quasi-isentropically) compress diamond to a peak pressure of 1400 GPa. Diamond stress versus density data are reported to 800 GPa and suggest that the diamond phase is stable and has significant material strength up to at least this stress level. Data presented here are the highest ramp compression pressures by more than a factor of 5 and the highest-pressure solid equation-of-state data ever reported.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.102.075503 pmid:19257686 fatcat:2wsrddyj4nhdpnt5ovswjsclna