Castleman's Disease about a Case

de Alejo Aleman AP, Pazos CP, Penton CRC, de Alejo Plain AP, Perez LR, Dominguez Plain L
2019 Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Medicine  
Castleman's disease is a very rare lymphoproliferative disorder. There are two Clinical forms: the unicentric, which is usually benign, and the multicentric progressive course. There are three described histological patterns: hyali neovascular of unicentric presentation, of plasma cells of multicentric presentation and the mixed one. The aim of this paper is to present a clinical case of multicentric Castleman's disease of hyaline vascular histology very little described in the literature. The
more » ... he literature. The patient started with asthenia, anorexia, profuse nocturnal sweating, weight loss, generalized lymphadenopathy, splenomegaly and respiratory episodes. At physical examination: multiple cervical, axillary and bilateral inguinal adenopathies. The diagnosis was made with the histopathological study of the resected ganglion, the evolution after the treatment has been favorable. Because there are no specific clinical and radiographic features, a high degree of diagnostic suspicion and the experience of the pathologist are required to diagnose this rare disease.
doi:10.16966/2572-9578.131 fatcat:hw2thvkkqnbsxmm7r4y4j65pju