On Site Support Activity in English

Verma Anupama, Agrasen Assitant, Snatkotter Shiksha, Cte Mahavidhyalaya, Jamdoli
International Journal of Advanced Research in Education & Technology (IJARET)   unpublished
Indian society is multi lingual society. It represent the language variation and complex challenges. Use of multi language give us various type of advantages in which English a global language so it is very useful for us to communicate everywhere. Modem education is child centered education. In the child centered education, education provided to the student according to their interest and aptitude. There were various institution were established like DIET, CTE, IASE and various programme for
more » ... us programme for last 24 years. The main motto of above all these programme have related to the school education and field of educational activities in which On Site Support Activity is very relevant to school education because it is directly touch with school students and in this type of activity a teacher trainer goes to school which is known as laboratory particularly in which classroom there activity will be completed in specific subject..