Enzyme Producing Activity of Probiotics and Preparation of Compound Enzyme

Ruokun Yi, Yanni Pan, Xingyao Long, Fang Tan, Xin Zhao, Tifeng Jiao
2020 Journal of Chemistry  
Probiotics are a group of active microorganisms, which benefit the host by colonizing and changing the composition of host flora. It is of great significance to promote the development of human gastrointestinal nutrition and health by regulating the host mucosal and systemic immune function or regulating the balance of intestinal flora. The purpose of this study is to analyze the production activity of the enzyme, evaluate its biological characteristics and safety as a preventive drug, and
more » ... de reference for the research of enzyme production and compound enzyme preparation by probiotics. In this study, four groups of probiotics were set up: Clostridium butyricum experimental group, Lactobacillus plantarum experimental group, drinking water control group, and Bacillus licheniformis experimental group. In addition, a variety of complex enzyme experiments were set up to study the influence on the digestive tract and single factor experiment. The results showed that probiotics and compound enzyme preparations could significantly promote the intestinal digestibility. Under the effect of probiotics, the weight of the chicken was almost 1 Jin heavier than that of the control group, and the average digestibility was increased by 4.3%. The effect of the enzyme on digestibility is stronger than that of probiotics, but the final effect tends to be stable.
doi:10.1155/2020/9140281 fatcat:roxlbakhrzcgxhwiitxlvqcsm4