Fermentation characteristics of persimmon wine by the mixed culture of Pichia anomala JK04 and Saccharomyces cerevisiae Fermivin cells

Soo-Jin Kwon, Jun-Su Choi, Soo-Hwan Yeo, Heui-Dong Park
2015 Korean Journal of Food Preservation  
Persimmon contains high levels of vitamins and phenolic compounds, as well as soluble solids, necessary for the fermentation of persimmon wine. Co-fermentation of persimmon wine was carried out using a mixed culture of Pichia anomala JK04, a Korean indigenous yeast that improves wine quality and flavor, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae Fermivin, an industrial wine yeast, in the following ratios: 9:1 (v/v), 5:5 (v/v), 1:9 (v/v) and 0:10 (v/v). During fermentation, the alcohol contents increased more
more » ... ents increased more slowly in samples of mixed culture than in samples of the single culture of S. cerevisiae Fermivin. The alcohol contents of all samples reached 12~13% (v/v) after 15 days. All samples of the mixed culture showed greater variety in flavor and taste than S. cerevisiae Fermivin only. In the sensory evaluation, mixed culture samples had higher scores in terms of flavor and overall preference than the single culture samples. Therefore, P. anomala JK04 is thought to improve the wine flavor of Korean domestic persimmon wine.
doi:10.11002/kjfp.2015.22.5.768 fatcat:lwd5gg3gejdt5b5ekx67pzpayu