polyCluster: Defining Communities of Reconciled Cancer Subtypes with Biological and Prognostic Significance [article]

Katherine Eason, Gift Nyamundanda, Anguraj Sadanandam
2017 bioRxiv   pre-print
To stratify cancer patients for most beneficial therapies, it is a priority to define robust molecular subtypes using clustering methods and big data. If each of these methods produces different numbers of clusters for the same data, it is difficult to achieve an optimal solution. Here, we introduce polyCluster, a tool that reconciles clusters identified by different methods into context-specific subtype communities using a hypergeometric test or a measure of relative proportion of common
more » ... ion of common samples. The polycluster was tested using a breast cancer dataset, and latter using uveal melanoma datasets to identify novel subtype communities with significant metastasis-free prognostic differences.
doi:10.1101/228551 fatcat:mnrse4fkuzejdox64pqx6ctyfm