Hardware Experiments on Progressive Scan Conversion of an IDTV Receiver Suitable for Telecine Image

Masahiro Kageyama
1992 The Journal of the Institute of Television Engineers of Japan  
Telecine images" converted from film images have a lower frame rate than ordinary TV signals. This allows interlaced scan signals to be completely converted into progressive scan signals at IDTV receivers by using the "film-frame-closed" method. In this method, transmitted fields are combined into a TV frame every 2-or 3-field sequences (i.e., every film-frame sequence). Hardware experiments of the above method, including subjective assessments, are descrived in this paper. The experiments
more » ... fy the following: (1) On average, the above method improves picture quality between 1 and 1.5 ranks on the CCIR seven-grade scale, compared with the conventional motion adaptive method. (2) Receivers can distinguish telecine images without the need for marker signals. (3) However, when other images, such as subtitles, are super-imposed, the method does not work well. Several solutions to solve this problem are also proposed.
doi:10.3169/itej1978.46.632 fatcat:ekczbu5qpfekndsl3fvu4nxvqi