Baby black holes, strange matter and GNA risks in the Entropic age of History

Luis Sancho Soto
2008 Zenodo  
This is an updated reduced version of the book on the dangers of making strangelets and black holes on earth, as recent results shows a growing amount of stable strange particles, dibaryons and Alpha Machos, which could fall to the center of Earth and accumulate till they provoke an ice-9 reaction, while the safety report has never been updated and merely said those strangelets do to exist. the production of dibaryons and all the models on the Halo (Witten hypothesis, my own work on the organic
more » ... structure of the Galaxy) and strange and pulsar stars show they do exist. We also consider that Hawking's equation, is mimetic to the '5D metrics' of a baby black hole, which once born at high metabolic temperature, feeds on mass: ∆ Mass x - ∆ temperature = K. So the equation is right but the choice of the - symbol (decreasing temperature and increasing mass) which respects the 2nd law of thermodynamics and EFE Einstein's equation is the right form to interpret it: an ultra hot black hole baby is born exceedingly small and according to those laws it attracts mass, cools down as it evaporates the environment and grows in a novel explosion.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4318695 fatcat:cqrkt4ezrva6nkzknoc2yjcqie