A Review of the Effects of Temperature, Storage Duration, and Different Storage Methods on Sperm Parameters and Its Chromatin

Zohre Nateghian, Arvin Aliabadi, Elham Aliabadi
2021 مجله علوم پزشکی صدرا  
Infertility is now a common problem for couples and half of it is due to male infertility, so maintaining sperm parameters and its chromatin are important for successful fertility. Various factors such as temperature, storage duration, and different methods of sperm storage, including cryopreservation, affect these sperm parameters and fertility. Different methods of sperm storage have advantages and disadvantages; among which cryopreservation is the most common method of long-term storage of
more » ... erm; maintaining fertility over a longer period. However, sperm fertility in this method is lower than fresh sex fluid. Despite the problems of freezing, cryopreservation advantages outweigh its disadvantages and it is an important tool for sperm storage in clinics of infertility. We searched the PubMed database. In our study, there is a combination of terms related to temperature and storage time as well as different methods of sperm storage and fertility parameters. The search was performed using Advanced Search Builder and the keywords were found in "Title or Abstract". In this study, we reviewed the effects of temperature, storage duration, and different storage methods on sperm parameters and its chromatin to determine the optimal conditions and methods for sperm storage.
doi:10.30476/smsj.2021.84394.1086 doaj:97727b86122341a6b4695a51049977fb fatcat:nqkwrxc7ynbdzkowknv2vrnejy