1920 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
The symptoms of suppurating fibroids are not dis¬ tinctive, except that the pain is likely to change from the usual dull, dragging pain to that of a sticking char¬ acter. The process is evidently not sudden, as is indi¬ cated by the time elapsing between the first signs of fibroid and the development of the infection. Diagno¬ sis, therefore, is not always possible. In some instances there may be a rapid increase in the size of the tumor accompanied by local tenderness, fever, night sweats and
more » ... ssibly a discharge of pus from the vagina, together with emaciation and signs of general septice¬ mia. A high leukocyte count in connection with these symptoms in the presence of what appears to be a fibroid should suggest a suppurating tumor, since it is well known that leukocytosis is not a feature of the ordinary myoma uteri.
doi:10.1001/jama.1920.02620510021009 fatcat:qtesulivh5ai7kpzx6dalgonmq