The Nanaimo Free Press [Wednesday, December 21, 1910] [article]

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THPP. HUNDREil ENfilM HIHRRS-KM. MC Fire ""xiJlosion and Mine is Now A Raging inferno X»( ANI MtUTIIIIL lUIA fHT 11 111 II ii i' MaachOkUT. I'i«. 31.-T» <, hundri-J and eiahtj-nilv. out ot four hundr,-l«l-tOD torn|««n of ibo»> liclow the nurfa<-e of the earth jrhmi tan dinaater orriirred ha\-a bM reacuod Olheru were trained in the mine Kcacuers have l.r..u«ht out llw taul.«, of 30 charrwl and Rianglod men Ihe flamm a|i|«nmtly apread to al' t>arta of the nline, and lht> heat thrown out iror;
more » ... rtjtraa. fell tiark JuM aa ii l.ur»l of rtum'-x ana allot from the mouth of Ihshaft .\llhouKh evwy elhwl w;i' iiaide to ■tnoihi'r th> lire, little roiild la-done. and it »i.s many minute, iH-fon-rescunn. ei.-ilil a^uiii Hf>proar:i the main nhaft. ler a tinu-the I'aiiH-a ceanctJ tn pour out of ita M.oiitli. and the r»« I atteirailed »<• enter the rfanfl nnl\ to find that tia? inmr workin,* bumii,-ta-nol., and that in tolerable Invit un i tl.. ioti*-e of saJii-. fireiented am r.~« m-ay rk i-he pl.eiion »bw. ia.imuai tin r«Ke« in th • shall., uipl inler.-l with im-M-ntdnl int; nppnratu,. With th-(ir,l n-, of th-ntcideni fri.'iiita niul relative, of thi-ita-n etn fdoied in the non. riiahed to th--n • Wtu-n the ........... poured our the main .shaft iiiap.x urmu-ii (alnlund were ■arne-! aaa\ llundisal, l•e^«>n, were .n^-ded around Ih,-•it mouth tiy the tinu-the fire tieip.n d»lde. and the cflorla of e Parties to intei the worka anre hanpered lVo,di-almut ahirit wen, re«train-d with the great difficulty, ihe® the lire hoi r..e,i"i for en ough U> iiermil of an nttni^, a I reacue party enlere«i tbo ahoft. ■Not fur from the l.ottom the imdlea of tw-enty nan we-e dinovtred. They re lifted out, ,md home away to iinprot ioeil morinie to await identilkution. The reoruera found the mine 1,1,arked. and couhl laiietrule no furthec They were forced I, retreat. A large >e l-arty la lartng (a-|,anired. and Will endfttvor to t,.ri-e it, way Into lie tnioe. Ihe work i* 'very t'sngeroua aa th.v fire h, still ra,iPi: in the workings, it is fear.ul t-irther explosions occur. UVtttACItl MHUIENTi lamdua. Dee. 31.-After aeon ferenco between the Ktmj and i*rctnier Asquith, it la reported that the monarch has decided to (rente enough UtMTal peem force through the legialatlon Misa mv USTg NNir • tJiz •'<4 t ftk-death bccuned last night Fort, a well known rmtdent the city and djainct. Ueoei ^who was 76 years o' aga, had been 111 for aome Uiue. and tbo end 'not unexiiected. Hfae was a nsUve * wanlod by Asquith.
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