Nanofluidic Pre-Concentration Devices for Enhancing the Detection Sensitivity and Selectivity of Biomarkers for Human Performance Monitoring [report]

Chia-Fu Chou
2012 unpublished
Mass transport has generally been recognized as a major limiting factor in the sensitivity and performance of miniaturized sensor platforms. To overcome this limitation, a new approach, termed molecular dam, has been developed to enhance mass transport for protein enrichment in nanofluidic channels by nanoscale electrodeless dielectrophoresis under physiological buffer conditions. We demonstrated protein enrichment factor to be greater than 10 5 -fold in 20 seconds, which is orders of magnitude
more » ... orders of magnitude faster than most reported methods. We also studied the detailed mechanism as how the electrokinetic forces get balanced to achieve the molecular damming effect and the scaling relation of force and nanoconstriction size. Both the capillary-and electrokinetically-driven nanoslit sensor platforms have also been developed in parallel to enhance the reaction kinetics of protein sensing by reducing the diffusion length of reactants.
doi:10.21236/ada570888 fatcat:h5k6kjz7zjcpzdwkiml2vueuea