The neurocognitive correlates of academic diligence in adolescent girls

Delia Fuhrmann, Susanne Schweizer, Jovita Leung, Cait Griffin, Sarah-Jayne Blakemore
2018 Cognitive Neuroscience  
Academic diligence is the ability to regulate behavior in the service of goals, and a predictor of educational attainment. Here we combined behavioral, structural MRI, functional MRI and connectivity data to investigate the neurocognitive correlates of diligence. We assessed whether individual differences in diligence are related to the interplay between frontal control and striatal reward systems, as predicted by the dual-systems hypothesis of adolescent development. We obtained behavioral
more » ... ures of diligence from 40 adolescent girls (aged 14-15 years) using the Academic Diligence Task. We collected structural imaging data for each participant, as well as functional imaging data during an emotional go-no-go self-control task. As predicted by the dual-systems hypothesis, we found that inferior frontal activation and gyrification correlated with academic diligence. However, neither striatal activation nor structure, nor fronto-striatal connectivity, showed clear associations with diligence. Instead, we found prominent activation of temporal areas during the go-no-go task. This suggests that academic diligence is associated with an extended network of brain regions. ARTICLE HISTORY
doi:10.1080/17588928.2018.1504762 pmid:30099928 fatcat:zi4jvmsjhfgghflvbziohmiwq4