Improved Intranuclear Cascade Models for the Codes CEM2k and LAQGSM

S. G. Mashnik
2005 AIP Conference Proceedings  
An improved version of the Cascade-Exciton Model (CEM) of nuclear reactions implemented in the codes CEM2k and the Los Alamos version of the Quark-Gluon String Model (LAQGSM) has been developed recently at LANL to describe reactions induced by particles and nuclei at energies up to hundreds of GeV/nucleon for a number of applications. We present several improvements to the intranuclear cascade models used in CEM2k and LAQGSM developed recently to better describe the physics of nuclear
more » ... First, we incorporate the photonuclear mode from CEM2k into LAQGSM to allow it to describe photonuclear reactions, not previously modeled there. Then, we develop new approximations to describe more accurately experimental elementary energy and angular distributions of secondary particles from hadron-hadron and photon-hadron interactions using available data and approximations published by other authors. Finally, to consider reactions involving very highly excited nuclei (E* > 2-3 MeV/A), we have incorporated into CEM2k and LAQGSM the Statistical Multifragmentation Model (SMM), as a possible reaction mechanism occurring after the preequilibrium stage. A number of other refinements to our codes developed recently are also listed.
doi:10.1063/1.1945220 fatcat:t7lyhgcdbbdm3lhlno45tnllxy