En primera persona: investigando mundos de los que somos partes

Saúl I. Fuks
2010 Estudos e Pesquisas em Psicologia  
ARTIGOS En primera persona: investigando mundos de los que somos partes Em primeira pessoa: investigando mundos dos quais somos parte Investigating worlds we are part of, in first person ABSTRACT This article proposes some reflections around the challenges and questions that are presented to researchers when they take the risk to abandoning the illusion of security coming from positioning "outside" of their research. Participatory and collaborative methodological approaches questioned the
more » ... uestioned the possibility and the sense to protect the neutrality or objectivity in order to achieve accuracy and reliability and invited to consider the research encounter on other bases. In this paper, we review the basis of some epistemological, methodological and technical difficulties confronted for the researcher when he tries to get involved in the co-construction of research, taking the risk of considered the "subjects" as co-researchers. It also reviews some implications of this view on the training of investigators and we suggest some ways to look for a relational ethics and the methodological conditions.
doi:10.12957/epp.2010.9016 fatcat:6wbajg7j2rbyzj6shf6y5bkofe