Anomalous quarticWWγγ,ZZγγ, and trilinearWWγcouplings in two-photon processes at high luminosity at the LHC

E. Chapon, C. Royon, O. Kepka
2010 Physical Review D  
We study the W/Z pair production via two-photon exchange at the LHC and give the sensitivities on trilinear and quartic gauge anomalous couplings between photons and W/Z bosons for an integrated luminosity of 30 and 200 fb^{-1}. For simplicity and to obtain lower backgrounds, only the leptonic decays of the electroweak bosons are considered.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.81.074003 fatcat:jnudofmyvbdzlf23l74zd6744i