Software for computing the Gröbner cover of a parametric ideal

Antonio Montes
2012 ACM Communications in Computer Algebra  
Extended abstract The objective of this software presentation is to show the behavior and applications of the Singular library grobcov.lib that we have recently developed [Mo-web] to compute the Gröbner cover [MoWi10] of a parametric ideal. The content of the talk is the following: 1. Brief history of the study of parametric ideals using Gröbner bases. 2. Objective and definition of the Gröbner cover. 3. Some insight about the algorithm. Some examples to show its interest and comparison with Comprehensive Gröbner systems (CGS).
doi:10.1145/2110170.2110178 fatcat:gqeprxavaja37abwdk5fzy2goq