Analysis of Aerodynamic Load on High Speed Train Car-Body Utilizing Fluid-Structure Interaction Method

Weiyuan Dou, Lele Zhang, Sebastian Stichel
Aerodynamics plays a significant role in structural design of high-speed train. With the increase of operating speed, the design is facing challenges from light-weight structures and structural strength at the same time. To investigate the influence of pressure waves on car-body structures when two trains are passing each other, a fluid-structure interaction (FSI) method is proposed in this paper. A passing case at speed 350 km/h was analysed for providing data of pressure load as the first
more » ... ad as the first step, and then an analysis of structural dynamics was conducted utilizing the load that is calculated from the FSI method. The results indicate that dynamic stress caused by aerodynamic loads in most parts of train body is not significant in this case. There is still safety margin for lightweight structures and structural optimization in some parts of the car-body of highspeed train. FSI method could be a feasible way for designers to evaluate the structural strength of high-speed train in a higher speed.
doi:10.18154/rwth-2018-222921 fatcat:yffdwh7zjjh7zgjbtsj44vvm5m