Improved Method for Determination of Total Mercury and Its Application to Vegetables and Fruits in Markets

Takeshi TANAKA, Yoshinari AOKI, Kikuo TAMASE, Fumiaki UMOTO, Hideyuki OHBAYASHI, Masako IMOU, Michiko SASAKI
1992 Shokuhin Eiseigaku Zasshi  
To detect trace amounts of total mercury in vegetables and fruits, the wet digestion-cold vapor atomic absorption spectrometry method was improved. The recoveries and the coefficients of variation for total mercury added to vegetables and fruits were 94-103% (average 99%) and 2. O--'11% (average 5.6%) at 0.5 ppb, and 97-101% (average 99%) and 2.8-6.3% (average 4.1%) at 2.5ppb. The detection limit was 0.1ppb in the samples. The improved method was adapted to the determination of trace amounts of
more » ... of trace amounts of total mercury in 27 kinds of vegetables and fruits (81 samples) collected from markets in Nara Prefecture. The obtained mean amounts of total mercury were less than 0.1 ppb for 10 species, 0.1 1.0 ppb for 12 species and 1.0-2.4 ppb for 5 species. These values are lower by 1-2 orders of magnitude than those reported by other researchers.
doi:10.3358/shokueishi.33.359 fatcat:ohksh73ekzb6ngfjzhse46ieea