Simulations of Schottky barrier diodes and tunnel transistors

K. Matsuzawa, K. Uchida, A. Nishiyama
1998 Sixth International Workshop on Computational Electronics. Extended Abstracts (Cat. No.98EX116)  
Phone: t 8 1-45-770-3693, Fax: t 81-45-770-3578, Email: mat suzawa@ amc. t os hi b a. co . j p We present the implementation and simulated results of a practical model to cover Schottky and Ohmic contacts. The model considers thermionic emission and the spatially distributed tunneling. Simulations using the present model reproduce characteristics of Schottky barrier diodes and show the transition from Schottky to ohmic as the doping level is increased. As an application example, the immunity of
more » ... Schottky barrier tunnel transistor to the short channel effect is demonstrated.
doi:10.1109/iwce.1998.742737 fatcat:yzctt4w475bt3ggsen22kzcrjq