High-Temperature Deformation of Si3N4/Si3N4-SiC Hybrid Composites with Belt-Like Network Structure of Si3N4-SiC Composites

Katsunori YAMADA, Nobuo KAMIYA, Naoki KONDO, Humihiro WAKAI
2007 Journal of the Society of Materials Science Japan  
Superplastic deformation and creep resistance of Si3N4/Si3N4-SiC hybrid composites that formed belt-like network structure by Si3N4-SiC composite domain (the second domain) were investigated with tensile tests at 1873K and with bending tests at 1473K, respectively. The supserplastic elongation of Si3N4/Si3N4-SiC hybrid composites was dramatically improved with decreasing in SiC contents of the second domain from 20wt% to 10wt%. As the results, the Si3N4/Si3N4-SiC hybrid composites exhibited
more » ... rplastic elongation more than 200% at 1873K. Furthermore, the hybrid composites exhibited the high-performance in both of the superplasitc deformation and the creep resistance.
doi:10.2472/jsms.56.505 fatcat:qlvcc7awl5a4xo3usufk22nfuq