Imidazolinone Degradation in Soil in Response to Application History

A.C. Bundt, L.A. Avila, A. Pivetta, D. Agostinetto, D.P. Dick, P. Burauel
2015 Planta Daninha  
Accelerated herbicide degradation consists in its faster degradation in areas where it has been previously applied, due to the adaptation of microbial population to that particular compound. Accelerated degradation can reduce herbicide persistence and reduce its efficacy in soil. The objective of this study was to investigate if imidazolinone herbicides have enhanced microbial degradation in rice paddy soils. A laboratory experiment was conducted, evaluating the CO2 evolution rate from soils
more » ... h and without history of herbicide application (imazapyr + imazapic and imazethapyr + imazapic), incubated with imidazolinone herbicides: imazethapyr, imazapyr, imazapic, imazamethabenz, imazamox and an untreated check. The amount of CO2 released from the soil was measured. As a result, the prior application of imidazolinones does not stimulate microbial degradation of herbicides from the same chemical group.
doi:10.1590/0100-83582015000200020 fatcat:5xqtwepahvfjholfkiglbxwnoa