Projecting a Good Image of School: How can a Principal Achieve This Goal?

Elni Jeini Usoh, Jeffry S. Lengkong, Henny N. Tambingon, Sherly F. Lensun
2020 Proceedings of the 4th Asian Education Symposium (AES 2019)   unpublished
There has been a tendency in most schools to become increasingly aware of their image in the community. The school principals are realising the need to work positively with community to ensure a good image of the school. It is conceivable that the leadership of the principal plays a significant role in promoting a positive image of the school. The aim of the study is to examine the importance of projecting a good image of a school and roles of the principal to accomplish this objective. This
more » ... dy utilised qualitative descriptive method. The data collected from observations, reports, literature, and documents. The results show that promoting a positive image for school, as a marketoriented activity, requires the principal to exercise highlydeveloped public relation skills. They need to have more interaction with the external community to promote the school, attract students as well as retain them. The study concludes that promoting a positive school image is a business-like effort in which school management should adapt some marketing approaches. Principal's role is a pivotal point in projecting a good image. The leadership of the principal is a key factor in gauging public opinion that contributes to the image of the school.
doi:10.2991/assehr.k.200513.067 fatcat:k4o2q2hy3ncy3jozb2ewtrm2fe