Walter A. Konetzka, Michael J. Pelczar, Sidney Gottlieb
1952 Journal of Bacteriology  
Although numerous researches on the microbiological utilization of lignin have been reported, very few definitive data have been established in this field; this is particularly true with respect to the mechanism of degradation. These researches have been reviewed recently by Gottlieb and Pelezar (1951). Along with current investigations in our laboratories on native lignin prepared according to Brauns (1939) , attempts have been made to isolate microorganisms capable of metabolizing related
more » ... olizing related chemical compounds. One of the materials investigated has been a-conidendrin. Although no exact structural formula for lignin has been proposed, recent chemical data indicate that this material is a complex polymer, conisting of guaiacyl-propane and syringyl-propane units (Erdtman, 1949) . a-Conidendrin, isolated from both wood (Brauns, 1945) and waste sulfite liquor (Pearl, 1945) , is a water insoluble, white crystalline solid of known structural formula and is a compound which bears a structural imilarity to lignin. CH2 CO CHsO / \CH/
doi:10.1128/jb.63.6.771-778.1952 fatcat:34nmy22aarfyldgrgap4fvizme