An Islamic Perspective of Sex and Sexuality: A Lesson for Contemporary Muslim

Dr. Sikiru Gbenga Eniola Dr. Sikiru Gbenga Eniola
2013 IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science  
This Paper sets to investigate the aspect of an Islamic perspective of sex and sexuality such as the goals of marriage, the practice of homosexuality, celibacy and monasticism. It also looks at the Islamic guidelines which could assist Muslims to uphold sexual morality such as faithful to one's wife or husband, proper dressing, early marriage, lowering of the gaze/ modesty and the concept of adultery. The methodology employed in this paper was based on information and analysis of the data from
more » ... s of the data from books, journals, archives, newspapers, reports, internet, the Holy Qur'an and Ahadith. The paper reveals that, Islam considers sex as one of the essential human needs that must be properly satisfied. It is a necessity of the human being that, it requires favourable consideration. Infact, Islam considers it as one of the requirements of life that should be properly and lawfully satisfied. Moreover, Islam does not treat it as distasteful, filthy or heinous act of man. It also, considers "Zina" not only as a great sin but also as an act, which opens the gate for many other shameful acts, which destroys the very basis of the family, leads to quarrels, murders, ruins reputation/ properties and also spreads numerous diseases, both physical and spiritual. It is recommended that, Muslim should marry as early as they are able. Muslims should not fear poverty nor should they apprehend increase of family members as a result of marriage, and thus, because of that, stay away from marriage.
doi:10.9790/0837-1222028 fatcat:eyzmvq2bfrcediyip5oqwzzi2m