Contrastive Learning of Musical Representations [article]

Janne Spijkervet, John Ashley Burgoyne
2021 arXiv   pre-print
While deep learning has enabled great advances in many areas of music, labeled music datasets remain especially hard, expensive, and time-consuming to create. In this work, we introduce SimCLR to the music domain and contribute a large chain of audio data augmentations to form a simple framework for self-supervised, contrastive learning of musical representations: CLMR. This approach works on raw time-domain music data and requires no labels to learn useful representations. We evaluate CLMR in
more » ... he downstream task of music classification on the MagnaTagATune and Million Song datasets and present an ablation study to test which of our music-related innovations over SimCLR are most effective. A linear classifier trained on the proposed representations achieves a higher average precision than supervised models on the MagnaTagATune dataset, and performs comparably on the Million Song dataset. Moreover, we show that CLMR's representations are transferable using out-of-domain datasets, indicating that our method has strong generalisability in music classification. Lastly, we show that the proposed method allows data-efficient learning on smaller labeled datasets: we achieve an average precision of 33.1% despite using only 259 labeled songs in the MagnaTagATune dataset (1% of the full dataset) during linear evaluation. To foster reproducibility and future research on self-supervised learning in music, we publicly release the pre-trained models and the source code of all experiments of this paper.
arXiv:2103.09410v2 fatcat:l4epx7tacbeyplw2uavuduhlhe