Wireless Mobile Technology Based Fire Fighting Multi Function Robot For Defense Applications

2017 Zenodo  
In these quickest times human beings and the machineries works quicker to accomplish the varied tasks. These activities are slows down due to some natural and artificial hazards, from these hearth plays a significant role .Many industries and domestic areas that are destroyed and littered with hearth accidents, such cases are eradicated by this "fire management robot". This golem is integral with mobile app uses golem technology to regulate the robot. Golem provides the user friendly platform
more » ... friendly platform to regulate the operation. The golem that is controlled by the mobile application that is employed for water spraying, greenhouse emission gas cylinder operates with the assistance of a devotee system and additionally includes Higher Resolution zooming Camera with the assistance of this mobile app. The situation of the golem is monitored by mistreatment the GPS pursuit system. https://journalnx.com/journal-article/20150403
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1420881 fatcat:cq5ue4hvpjdpppacvbdxwkqogq