A new power collection architecture for future spacecraft

Ming Ying Kuo, Mei Shong Kuo, Ching Chuan Kuo
1997 IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems  
The generalized tree-like transmission line network system having n layers in total with m-to-1 branch connection at each joint (T-TLNS-n-m) is proposed to replace the traditional series-parallel combined dc networks to automatically accumulate identically distributed power cells into the large amount of useful power for the spacecrafts. The proposed system has the attractive features of simple structure, easy construction and maintenance, and low cost, because two kinds of parts, ac current
more » ... arts, ac current sources and m-to-1 transmission line (TL) branch connection parts, are used in the whole system. A method of implementing ac current cells having high output impedance is proposed to improve the power collection efficiency of the whole network system. Simulated results show that that low-pass nominal ¼-or T-circuit with high characteristic impedance, which is used for the voltage source to current source converter in the current cell, improves the efficiency of the voltage inverter, filters out the harmonics, and increases the output impedance of the whole current cell.
doi:10.1109/7.625122 fatcat:n54orstudrdgbbxmlc6r4spsea