Anoxic basins organic matter geochemistry
Геохимия органического вещества аноксических бассейнов

D. Bushnev
2022 Vestnik of Geosciences  
The paleo-anoxic events influence on the accumulation of organic matter in carbonaceous marine sediments is considered. Aryl carotenoids derivatives found in bitumoids of the Upper Jurassic oil shales of the Russian Plate, Domanik deposits of the Pechora Basin, and other sequences indicate the photic zone anoxia of paleobasin waters. Dissolved hydrogen sulfide interacts with lipids and carbohydrates of the original organic matter and forms a wide range of soluble and high-molecular sulfur
more » ... nds. The analysis of the pyrolysis products composition of Jurassic oil shale sulfur-rich kerogen indicates a significant proportion of sulfur bound sugars in structure, as well as the formation of polysulfur bound n-alkyl fragments. The Domanik deposits kerogen structure is rich in sulfur bound n-alkyl fragments, producing a lot of n-alkylthiophenes and benzothiophenes under pyrolysis.
doi:10.19110/geov.2022.2.1 fatcat:zzcl2j25vnbejmjm3fymeagpae