Sedation-Analgesia in Elective Colonoscopy: Propofol-Fentanyl Versus Propofol-Alfentanil

Hacer Şebnem Türk, Meltem Aydoğmuş, Oya Ünsal, Hakan Mustafa Köksal, Mehmet Eren Açik, Sibel Oba
2013 Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology  
and objectives: Sedation-analgesia is recommended for comfortable colonoscopy procedures, which are invasive and can be painful. This study aimed to compare the combinations of propofol-alfentanil and propofol-fentanyl for sedation-analgesia in elective colonoscopy patients. Methods: This prospective and randomized study was planned in ASA I-II groups and included 80 patients between the ages of 18 and 65 years. Sedation-analgesia induction was performed as 1 μ -1 fentanyl, 1 -1
more » ... ol in the propofol-fentanyl group (Group PF) and 10 μ -1 alfentanil, 1 -1 propofol in the propofol-alfentanil group (Group PA). Patients' scores were limited to 3-4 values on the Ramsey Sedation Scale (RSS) by 0.5 -1 bolus additional doses of propofol in sedation-analgesia maintenance. We recorded demographical data, heart rate, mean arterial pressure (MAP), oxygen saturation of hemoglobin (SpO2), RSS value, colonoscopy time, total dose of propofol, complications, recovery time, and discharge time, as well as colonoscopist and patient satisfaction scores. Results: MAP at the 15 th minute in Group PA was signifi cantly higher than in Group PF (p = 0.037). Group PA's beginning mean heart rate was higher than the mean heart rate at subsequent readings (p = 0.012, p = 0.002). The mean total propofol dose of Group PA was signifi cantly higher than the total dose of Group PF (p = 0.028). The mean recovery time of Group PA was signifi cantly longer than that of Group PF (p = 0.032). Conclusion: Fentanyl provides better operative conditions and reduces the need for additional propofol doses. These advantages cause a shorter recovery time. Therefore, propofol-fentanyl is superior to the propofol-alfentanil for sedation-analgesia in colonoscopy.
doi:10.1016/j.bjane.2012.07.007 pmid:24565243 fatcat:ughyw2gd6nervc6negt6un6n7i