Retrospect and Prospect [chapter]

1990 Thirst and Sodium Appetite  
Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) is a unique method to obtain epitaxial multi-component oxide films. Highly stoichiometric, nearly single crystal-like materials in the form of films can be made by PLD. Oxides which are synthesized at high oxygen pressure can be made into films at low oxygen partial pressure. Epitaxial thin films of high T c cuprates, metallic, ferroelectric, ferromagnetic, dielectric oxides, superconductor-metal-superconductor Josephson junctions and oxide superlattices have been
more » ... lattices have been made by PLD. In this article, an overview of preparation, characterization and properties of epitaxial oxide films and their applications are presented. Future prospects of the method for fabricating epitaxial films of transition metal nitrides, chalcogenides, carbides and borides are discussed.
doi:10.1016/b978-0-12-304300-9.50014-9 fatcat:74bkycv64zgcdc4mgz37in42ly