Signal integration and information transfer in an allosterically regulated network: Supplemental Text [article]

Erin Shockley, Carol A. Rouzer, Lawrence J. Marnett, Eric J. Deeds, Carlos F. Lopez
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
A biological reaction network may serve multiple purposes, processing more than one input and impacting downstream processes via more than one output. These networks operate in a dynamic cellular environment in which the levels of network components may change within cells and across cells. Recent evidence suggests that protein concentration variability could explain cell fate decisions. However, systems with multiple inputs, multiple outputs, and changing input concentrations have not been
more » ... s have not been studied in detail due to their complexity. Here, we take a systems biochemistry approach, combining physiochemical modeling and information theory, to investigate how cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) processes simultaneous input signals within a complex interaction network. We find that changes in input levels affect the amount of information transmitted by the network, as does the correlation between those inputs. This, and the allosteric regulation of COX-2 by its substrates, allows it to act as a signal integrator that is most sensitive to changes in relative input levels.
doi:10.1101/518514 fatcat:fx6jrumvjjgi7hojkkvuzauc7u