Asymptotic entropy of the Gibbs state of complex networks

Adam Glos, Aleksandra Krawiec, Łukasz Pawela
2021 Scientific Reports  
AbstractIn this work we study the entropy of the Gibbs state corresponding to a graph. The Gibbs state is obtained from the Laplacian, normalized Laplacian or adjacency matrices associated with a graph. We calculated the entropy of the Gibbs state for a few classes of graphs and studied their behavior with changing graph order and temperature. We illustrate our analytical results with numerical simulations for Erdős–Rényi, Watts–Strogatz, Barabási–Albert and Chung–Lu graph models and a few
more » ... dels and a few real-world graphs. Our results show that the behavior of Gibbs entropy as a function of the temperature differs for a choice of real networks when compared to the random Erdős–Rényi graphs.
doi:10.1038/s41598-020-78626-2 pmid:33431960 fatcat:qj7vtehpynby5fo6a3kylfqu3e