Implicit definability of truth constants in Łukasiewicz logic [article]

Zuzana Haniková
2018 arXiv   pre-print
In the framework of propositional Łukasiewicz logic, a suitable notion of implicit definability, tailored to the intended real-valued semantics and referring to the elements of its domain, is introduced. Several variants of implicitly defining each of the rational elements in the standard semantics are explored, and based on that, a faithful interpretation of theories in Rational Pavelka logic in theories in Łukasiewicz logic is obtained. Some of these results were already presented in Hájek's
more » ... Metamathematics of Fuzzy Logic" as technical statements. A connection to the lack of (deductive) Beth property in Łukasiewicz logic is drawn. Moreover, while irrational elements of the standard semantics are not implicitly definable by finitary means, a parallel development is possible for them in the infinitary Łukasiewicz logic. As an application of definability of the rationals, it is shown how computational complexity results for Rational Pavelka logic can be obtained from analogous results for Łukasiewicz logic. The complexity of the definability notion itself is studied as well. Finally, we review the import of these results for the precision/vagueness discussion for fuzzy logic, and for the general standing of truth constants in Łukasiewicz logic.
arXiv:1802.08588v1 fatcat:snscv5neinbibmrrtch4h5a7rm