Gas-Generator With High-Temperature Path Ceramic Components

A. V. Sudarev, V. H. Dubershtein, V. P. Kovalevsky, A. E. Ginsburg
1991 Volume 2: Aircraft Engine; Marine; Microturbines and Small Turbomachinery   unpublished
The results of aesign-theoretical investigations of ceramic components of gas generator high-temperature path for gas turbine plant to drive the stationary equipment are shown, analysis of effectiveness and application of various ceramic components was conducted, and ceramic components design, including rotor, was improved. ,Dcience-Engineering Centre "Ceramic HeatEngines" (NIZ KTJo) of all-Union Tesearch Technological Institute of over Engineering
doi:10.1115/91-gt-152 fatcat:6ydjdfqgxvdbtf2a7vpf6slekm