Distribution of current density across the active area at various stoichiometry ratios using the JRC ZERO∇CELL single cell PEM fuel cell testing hardware

Tomasz Bednarek, V. Cigolotti
2022 E3S Web of Conferences  
The performance of the PEM fuel cell directly depends on the partial pressure of provided reactants, namely hydrogen and oxygen. Since reactants are consumed in the fuel cell reaction, partial pressure of reactants decreases in the direction of reactants flow. This well-known mechanism makes the performance of the fuel cell dependent on the stoichiometry ratios of input reactants. The JRC ZERO∇CELL, a single cell PEM fuel cell testing setup, is developed to provide as much as possible uniform
more » ... erating conditions at the 10cm2 active area specimen, hence giving uniform current density across the active area of the cell. To investigate what is the real gradient of current density across the active area for the JRC ZERO∇CELL at various reactant stoichiometry ratios, segmented bi-polar plates and current collectors are developed. This study presents experimental investigation of the current density distribution across the active area of the JRC ZERO∇CELL setup at range of reactant stoichiometry ratios from λ = 2 up to λ = 15. Current density gradients are considered along the gas flow as well as in the transverse direction. The experimental results show that the current density gradient across the active area, although dependant on the reactants stoichiometry ratios, is relatively small as compared with a wide range of investigated stoichiometry ratios.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202233404016 fatcat:gsgui5ehszb4tbrdtebfk35oqm