Regular paper Control Strategy for Switched Reluctance Motor Based on Embedded System

Mohamed Yaich, Moez Ghariani
2017 Journal of Journal of Journal of Journal of Electrical Electrical Electrical   unpublished
Mechatronics systems are are complex interdisciplinary products where many parts are present that overlap each other; electronic control board, electromechanical machines, and power drives. With FPGAs, their control can run faster as multiple operations are executed in parallel. A simulation tool that facilitates the direct translation into hardware of mechatronic control algorithms is desirable. The Xilinx System Generator (XSG), a high level tool for designing high-performance DSP systems
more » ... nce DSP systems under Simulink. In this paper such tool is exercised to implement a control mechanism for speed control of switched reluctance motor (SRM) with torque ripple reduction employing a heuristic approach of ant colony algorithm. The control scheme consists of proportional-integral (PI) speed controller in the outer loop and hysteresis controller in the inner loop along with control of turn on and turn off angles for the 3 phase, 6/4 switched reluctance motor. The efficiency of proposed technique is evaluated through simulative results that show proposed approach's performances in terms of ripples, stator current harmonics waves and short time design.