Strongly semi- TR, T * R * -L-fuzzy nano continuity, strongly semi- TR, T * R * -L-fuzzy nano retracts and decision making

Mohammed M. Khalaf
2020 Zenodo  
In this work, We extend the notion of nano topological spaces to \((T_R,T^*_{R^*})\)-L-fuzzy nano topological space. We introduce and investigate the concepts of \((T_R,T^*_{R^*})\)-L-fuzzy nano open sets and weaker form of it in \((T_R,T^*_{R^*})\)-L-fuzzy nano topological space. We consider the relations between these concepts. We give a definition for a \((T_R,T^*_{R^*})\)-L-fuzzy nano continuous function and study by more theorems and examples the generalizations of this concept. As an
more » ... concept. As an application we get \((T_R,T^*_{R^*})\)-L-fuzzy nano\((T_R,T^*_{R^*})\)-L-fuzzy nano continuous functions. More examples and results are obtained. Finally, we used \((T_R,T^*_{R^*})\)-L-fuzzy nano topological space to take the correct Decision making.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4405146 fatcat:of6zkf6c5jhpvdvjdq24n5lvui