2-1-1 Integrated CO2 Capture and Reduction to CH4 using Dual-Functional Catalysts
2-1-1 二元機能触媒を用いた低濃度CO2からの直接CH4合成技術の開発

Fumihiko KOSAKA, Tomone SASAYAMA, Yanyong LIU, Shih-Yuan CHEN, Takehisa MOCHIZUKI, Koichi MATSUOKA, Atsushi URAKAWA, Koji KURAMOTO
Proceedings of the Annual Conference of The Japan Institute of Energy  
We investigated direct conversion of dilute CO2 into CH4 without CO2 purification under various reaction conditions over Ni-based dual-functional catalysts. Ni/Na/Al2O3 showed the highest performance with high CO2 conversion (>96%) and CH4 selectivity (>93%) for 5% CO2 capture and reduction. In addition, very low CO2 levels of 100 ppm were successfully converted to 11.5% CH4 at a peak point over Ni/Na/Al2O3, which was more than 1000 times higher concentration than that of the supplied CO2.
more » ... results suggest that efficient dual-functional catalysts are promising for CO2 utilization, thus enabling direct air capture-conversion to value-added chemicals.
doi:10.20550/jietaikaiyoushi.30.0_10 fatcat:56hh2hiv55bvthem75b7wvej2y