The Evolution of Methods for Imaging Vocal Fold Phonatory Function

Daryush D. Mehta, Robert E. Hillman
2012 Perspectives on Speech Science and Orofacial Disorders  
In this article, we provide a brief summary of the major technological advances that led to current methods for imaging vocal fold vibration during phonation including the development of indirect laryngoscopy, imaging of rapid motion, fiber optics, and digital image capture. We also provide a brief overview of new emerging technologies that could be used in the future for voice research and clinical voice assessment, including advances in laryngeal high-speed videoendoscopy, depth-kymography,
more » ... depth-kymography, and dynamic optical coherence tomography. In this article, we briefly summarize the evolution of methods for visualizing the phonatory function of human vocal folds in terms of past, present, and future technological developments. We focus primarily on imaging approaches for observing and/or documenting the vibratory behavior of vocal folds during voice production.
doi:10.1044/ssod22.1.5 fatcat:h22kjdnia5fenogbar6ptn65ee