Application of Ultrasound Compacting to Solid Dispersion

Gakuji Kiyonaka, Toshirou Fujii, Yusuke Suzuki
2000 Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Japan  
S腿盤鵬鍵y:Pharmaceutical apPlicaもions of the ul宅raso臓δcompac伽g期ethod脚一 posed by RodrigUez were investigated ix} this paper.互t was・fo澱戯ha宅the co即res− s呈o豊process of p◎wder by irrad量aもi丑g既豊traso nd was dif艶営en宅倉om that by direcも compressiolt。 The deαease of porosiもy by the ul宅rasoun(i irra(蓬iaもieR was no宅ca鷺sed byもhe e豆asもic a照幽s也ic de盆m&£重o薫◎f p◎wder, but by the趣io嚢o恥◎磁er. The so玉i(玉(lispers蓋ons o首重鷺(護ome轍ac沁(璽鍛)wiもh various water−s◎玉uble沿o互ymers pre− pared by癒e掘trasou瓢丑showed a more rapid
more » ... en b曲avior of I厳塩a徽the詮 sim脚轟ysica璽mixtures. Co即ared withもhe grixding or heat一蝕sio駐贈th◎戯o prepare SG璽i(1δispersio簸,もhe mer圭ts ofもhe u1もraso nd method areもhaも宅he難si◎簸 proceeδS in a lowertemperaも蟹e anδ溢a曲orter period。
doi:10.14843/jpstj.60.148 fatcat:o6uxmbu26nhojp2hao3yh4r7p4