In memoriam. Cyril George Hopkins. Eighteen hundred and sixty-six--Nineteen hundred and nineteen [book]

1922 unpublished
i 1 i Y this record of the Memorial Exercises following the passing of Doctor Hopkins, irt the University of Illinois pays lasting tribute CO to the character, the scholarship, and the service of one of the most distinguished members > i CL of its faculty. UJ en BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH YRIL GEORGE HOPKINS was born upon a farm near Chatfield, Minnesota, on July 22, 1866. As a small child he moved with his parents to South Dakota, where, as he grew up, he lived the life of the pioneer. While teaching
more » ... country school as a means of earning money for a college course, he nearly lost his life in a blizzard when caring for the children under his charge, a loss he would have cheerfully met rather than abandon his duty, as his later life abundantly testified.
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