Effect of Titanium Tetrafluoride, Amine Fluoride and Fluoride Varnish on Enamel Erosion in vitro

A. Vieira, J.L. Ruben, M.C.D.N.J.M. Huysmans
2005 Caries Research  
2005). Effect of titanium tetrafluoride, amine fluoride and fluoride varnish on enamel erosion in vitro. CARIES RESEARCH, 39(5), 371-379. Abstract This study aimed at evaluating the effect of 1 and 4% titanium tetrafluoride (TiF 4 ) gels, amine fluoride (AmF) 1 and 0.25% and a fluoride varnish (FP) on the prevention of dental erosion. Two experimental groups served as controls, one with no pretreatment and another one pretreated with a fluoride-free varnish (FP-blanco). Dental erosion was
more » ... l erosion was modelled using bovine enamel samples submitted to alternate cycles of acid exposure in citric acid and remineralization in artificial saliva. Calcium loss of all samples involved in the study was quantified by atomic absorption spectroscopy and erosion depths were estimated. Two samples of each experimental group were also analyzed by white light confocal microscopy. The cumulative erosion depth (in Ìm) after 72 min was: TiF 4 gel 1% 8.29 B 0.39; TiF 4 gel 4% 8.27 B 0.55; AmF 1% 8.69 B 0.66; AmF 0.25% 8.86 B 0.33; FP 3.43 B 1.07; FP-blanco 14.86 B 1.59 and control 9.77 B 0.49. A statistically significant protective effect (p ^ 0.001) was found only for the group pretreated with the fluoride varnish. Within the limitations of an in vitro study it may be concluded that topical applications of the fluoride varnish tested have a protective effect on the prevention of dental erosion.
doi:10.1159/000086843 pmid:16110208 fatcat:cf63bnfaqfdg3pw6gbe76m6riu