Behavioral synthesis of analog systems using two-layered design space exploration

A. Doboli, A. Nunez-Aldana, N. Dhanwada, S. Ganesan, R. Vemuri
Proceedings 1999 Design Automation Conference (Cat. No. 99CH36361)  
This paper presents a novel approach for synthesis of analog systems from behavioral VHDL-AMS specifications. We implemented this approach in the VASE behavioral-synthesis tool. The synthesis process produces a netlist of electronic components that are selected from a component library and sized such that the overall area is minimized and the rest of the performance constraints such as power, slew-rate, bandwidth, etc. are met. The gap between system level specifications and implementations is
more » ... implementations is bridged using a hierarchically-organized, design-space exploration methodology. Our methodology performs a two-layered synthesis, the first being architecture generation, and the other component synthesis and constraint transformation. For architecture generation we suggest a branch-and-bound algorithm, while component synthesis and constraint transformation use a Genetic Algorithm based heuristic method. Crucial to the success of our exploration methodology is a fast and accurate performance estimation engine that embeds technology process parameters, SPICE models for basic circuits and performance composition equations. We present a telecommunication application as an example to illustrate our synthesis methodology, and show that constraint-satisfying designs can be synthesized in a short time and with a reduced designer effort.
doi:10.1109/dac.1999.782234 fatcat:kcff5tztzveszg4flpqjw7ymli